Birth of a Brand

Posted by Tyler Hunt on

Naming things can be hard, and that's especially true for web things since domain name availability comes into play. Fortunately for me, I've inherited the gift of punnery from my dad, which makes it somewhat easier to come up with unique names. It wasn't long after I decided to move forward with the concept for Snail Drop that I though of the name, which is a play on the phrases "snail mail" and "mail drop".

With the name chosen and the domain name acquired, it didn't take long before I began envisioning a snail wearing a letter carrier uniform. I think my web design skills hold up well enough to those of my programmer peers, but illustration is another matter entirely, and I knew I'd have to seek some assistance to bring this concept to reality. Thankfully, Dribbble is a haven for talented designers and illustrators, and it didn't take long to find one whose style matched my vision for the project.

Logo Design Progression

Liz Nugent took on the task, and did a great job realizing the concept I presented her with. We went through just a handful of revisions, and the end product is one I'm proud to have as the mascot for the service. He brings a spirit of fun to the app that I had hoped would be a core piece of the user experience.

I'm now working on a print piece to help spread the word about the service, which the snail branding plays heavily into, and Liz has helped out some with this project, as well, in creating a secondary graphical element to visually explain what Snail Drop is and how it works. I'll be sharing more about that as soon as it's wrapped up.

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